People sees you…

People sees you and notices you, there are only two options of what would be their reaction, its either they will find you beautiful or ugly. If they think that you are ugly, they wont even smile at you or would just reject you, but then if you really dont care, then you wont even mind the people around you, for short it is better that other people would look at you like you are really ugly so atleast you wouldnt expect of any attention from them. however, on the other hand, if some people stares at you, and you realize, that they might found you beautiful, there is just something you wouldnt explain, but it seems like you would expect them to just always look at you. You might just dont mind them at first, but when it always happens, the situation becomes reverse, because its now you, who would seek attention from them, suddenly people are unstable that would just change not even knowing that they are.

How are you supposed to handle the situation?


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